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GIS Data Viewer

GIS Data Viewer is a comprehensive application we have developed recently using the latest in ArcGIS Server technology. This interactive mapping application gives you direct access to the most current GIS data the county has. It enables you to find information detailing a variety of features in Will County. There are more than 70 map layers available including various basemap, agriculture, land use, hydrology, and public safety layers as well as aerial imagery. For advanced users, there are many spatial analysis tools included for use in the application.

There are two versions of the application. HTML5 and Silverlight. Both versions are very alike in terms of content. However, HTML5 version works across most browsers such as, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Also, it works on any OS (Windows, iOS and Google) on any device (desktop computers, smart phones and tablets). There are some new & improved features on HTML 5 version, but some features are missing from the Silverlight Application. The HTML 5 version will be updated with more features in future additions. Here is a document that describes the various features of the applications and differences between the two versions. PDF - Differences between the GIS Data Viewer for Silverlight and HTML5


1. GIS Data Viewer (HTML 5) - compatible with any device or browser

HTML5 GIS Data Viewer

2. GIS Data Viewer (Silverlight) - compatible with MS Internet Explorer.

You need Microsoft Silverlight installed to run this application. You may get it here.
*How-to Video Instructions for GIS Data Viewer(Silverlight).

Will County online applications

Will County's online applications will help you visualize and explore the different locations and data in your community.


1. Historic Landmarks Viewer

The Historical Landmarks Viewer lets you expore the historic landmark sites designated by the Will County Historic Preservation Commission. In this web map, you will find images and stories of each landmark that preserves Will County's heritage.
To access the Historical Landmarks Viewer, please click on the image below, or click here.


2. County Facilities Viewer click here.


3. Community Health Data Viewer click here.


4. Major Business Parks in Will County click here.


5. School Locator App click here.


6. Opioid Overdose Map click here.


7. Narcan Save Map click here.


8. Medication Drop-off Locator click here.